Trust Me or Not

 It's all about trust

Why may you get this message.

Windows (MS) are trying to make things more secure.

When a programmer writes a program, it is possible to insert a certificate into the program.
This certificate is  to verify that the program is from a trusted programmer.
These certificates can be obtained from a certificate authority, at cost of course.
Basically a programmer gives there details to the certificate authority, buys a certificate and insert it into there programs.
When widows comes to install the program it checks to see if the program was written by a registered trustworthy programmer.
If the programmer is on a register and is trustworthy, you won't get the message above.

Well that's it simplified and the theory.

My programs are written as a hobby, I don't charge for them, I cant afford a certificate.
You either trust me or you don't.

So, if I have your trust.
How do you continue.

It's not obvious, it's not supposed to be, but there is another button "More Info"

Click "More Info" and another window opens.

Click "Run anyway"

Remember, it's all about trust.
All I can say is: Make sure the site you are downloading from is a site that is at least SSL, that is: There is an "s" in the start of the web address "https"

Most of my applications are stored on my google drive.
Some are at my web:

If the link for my software is to another place then don't use it.

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